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Our Process

Whether you already know what you want or still need help making final decisions, Creative In Counter has a team of experts to guide you each step of the way. At our showroom in Mt. Airy, Maryland you can examine and compare all of our natural stone, manufactured stone and solid seamless surface materials.

We stock over 50 granite colors in our yard so you can personally select the slab that will be used for your project.

We can handle any project from a single kitchen countertop to a total kitchen makeover to a large commercial project.
We will come out to your home to create the digital template for your countertop. Using state of the art equipment like the Faro digital arm, we will capture the precise dimensions of the surface
The digital data taken from your home is sent electronically to our Mt. Airy manufacturing facility where our CAD designers will translate the data into computer language for the computer aided manufacturing process.
Creative In Counters uses the innovative Slab Smith, which allows you to visualize what your countertops will look like before any cuts are made to the slab. Using digital photography and specialized computer software, our technicians can show you where the seams will be and how they will affect the color pattern. This process also allows us to ensure the fewest seams possible. Watch the video
Any rough rectangular cuts are made using a special saw. Rounded cuts and corners are made with a high powered water jet infused with abrasive garnet. Edges are first finished by machine and then inspected by hand for any final details.
In most cases, the installation takes place in just one day. We coordinate with your plumber or other contractors to make sure that your countertop is ready to use as quickly as possible.