Countertop Edges

Available Countertop Edges

Please note these are for visual purposes only. We highly recommend you schedule an appointment to choose edging for countertops on location.

Countertop edges may seem pointless, but they can play a big part in the aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen or bathroom. The numerous different options for edges can all evoke different styles and environments. Choosing the right one can really bring your design together.

Eased Edge

This is also known as a straight or square edge. It’s the most practical option because it extends the range of usable space on your countertop. The edge is clean and sharp, making it an ideal choice if you’re going for a modern or minimalist look for your room. One thing to remember is that this edge profile is most prone to chipping.

Waterfall Edge

This edge has been the most popular in kitchens for a modern and edgy feel with the simplicity and durability that comes with it.

Roundover Edge

This edge profile offers a more rounded countertop edge. At a 1/2″ top radius, it is slightly larger than the Waterfall Edge.

Beveled Edge

This option adds a small angle cut along the top of your countertop’s edge. This fun little detail fits a traditional or transitional kitchen or bathroom design. 

Double Round Edge

This edge profile is very similar to the top radius of the Waterfall Edge, with the added radius at the bottom.

Bullnose Edge

The bullnose edge is rounded on both the top and bottom. Like the square edge, it’s a simple and understated look, coming off as smooth and polished. It has the benefit of working with both modern and traditional room designs. If you have small children running around, this may be your best choice. This design has no sharp corners, eliminating injury if a child were to run into the countertop edge.

Demi-Bullnose Edge

The Demi-Bullnose edge is the largest edge radius we offer by applying an inch of top radius and a square edge at the bottom.

Ogee Edge

This option is more elaborate and decorative if you want to impress with your countertop design. It adds an s-curve to the edge of the countertop, with intricate details. The ogee edge is typically prominent in kitchens considered luxury rooms or high-end traditional design.

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