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Your sink is a focal point in your bathroom. Choosing the right sinks for your bathroom can help tie the whole room together. Porcelain sinks are the industry standard for bathroom sinks for many reasons. They’re durable and easy to clean but also bring an elegant touch to a room.

Features of Bathroom Sinks

At Creative In Counters, we can install bathroom sinks to fit your space. Whether you’re redoing your whole bathroom or replacing your bathroom sinks, we will work with you to choose the right sinks for your bathrooms.

There are three common mounting types for bathroom sinks: undermount, top-mount, or vessel sinks. An undermount sink is installed underneath the bathroom countertop, with the sink’s rim hidden beneath the countertop. Top-mount or drop-in sinks have the lip of the sink in line with the countertop. Vessel sinks are freestanding bowls. They are attached to the top of the vanity. 

Bathroom sinks can use ceramic or porcelain materials. Ceramic is porous. Ceramic is highly likely to absorb water and stains, which makes ceramic sinks harder to clean. Porcelain is heat and stain-resistant because it is non-porous.

There are many benefits to porcelain bathroom sinks we offer in Mt. Airy and Frankford, DE:


Porcelain combines clay, minerals, and other materials baked at a high temperature. This surface material is resistant to chips and cracks. At the same time, porcelain is also non-porous. A non-porous surface is ideal when dealing with frequent moisture and liquids. You don’t risk harmful bacteria reproducing in the moist inner layers of the material that never really dry. Water rolls off the porcelain surface.

Porcelain holds up to many other things a bathroom will encounter daily. Heat and hot water aren’t issues for porcelain. You don’t have to worry if you accidentally leave a hot hair utensil on the sink. Hair gel, toothpaste, and cleaning chemicals won’t discolor or wear away at the porcelain. You can be confident it will keep its shine and quality throughout the years.

Easy Cleaning

Because they’re non-porous, porcelain sinks are often easier to clean than other materials. The porcelain surface prevents dirt and bacteria buildup, so there’s no need for harsh chemicals or heavy scrubbing. Regularly wiping down the sink with mild soap and warm water should be enough to maintain your sink. Gentler cleaners are also more environmentally friendly and healthier for you and your family.

A Timeless Appearance

Porcelain has been used in sinks for centuries. Porcelain is also one of the most popular materials for toilets and bathtubs. When choosing finishes for your house, you want something that’s never going to go out of style — and that’s porcelain. Porcelain offers a classic appearance that boosts the value of your home with its durability as well.

Porcelain sinks are versatile and can match almost any design style. Different colors and shapes can evoke a particular style but blend in with various decor accents. Because of the sleek finish of the material, it adds elegance to the room. It presents an immediate reaction to patrons coming into the bathroom.

Oval White

Minimum Sink Base Requirement

24″ wide x 21″ deep (front to back)

Oval Off White

Minimum Sink Base Requirement

24″ wide x 21″ deep (front to back)


Minimum Sink Base Requirement

24″ wide x 21″ deep (front to back) 

6 1/2″ inside bowl depth

Off White

Minimum Sink Base Requirement

24″ wide x 21″ deep (front to back)

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