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About Q-Quartz

Q Premium Natural Quartz embodies modern elegance with the perfect mix of natural and manufactured materials for superior style and performance. With over 60 scratch, heat, and stain-resistant styles, you can count on Q to retain its good looks even in the busiest of settings.

Q-Quartz is a leading-edge countertop material, giving you a leading-edge and unique countertop design. The sleek patterns and materials are modern but designed also to stand the test of time. You can get a variety of colors and styles to brighten up your kitchen. Whether you want a subtle grain or a strong one, Q gives you a natural marbling look to add some depth to your countertop design.

With Q, your kitchen countertop isn’t just a countertop. It’s the centerpiece of your kitchen, a focal point for people to gather around. MSI Surfaces uses something called LumaLuxe exclusively with the Q series. It changes how light impacts the quartz surface with an increased, deeper depth, dramatic veining, and stunning whiteness. It makes the colors stand out even more, bringing luxury into your kitchen.

Performance Advantages of Q-Quartz

Not only does Q bring unmatched elegance to your kitchen, it gives you a high-performance countertop option that you can afford. Q strikes the perfect balance between manufactured and natural materials. You can rely on Q-Quartz to be a durable solution that holds up to the everyday wear and tear of your kitchen activities.

Q is a 99.9% solid surface. This means that it’s non-porous and isn’t going to absorb water or fluids when you’re preparing meals or cleaning. It’s resistant to wear and tear, holding up to avoid chips, cracks, dings, and whatever else you throw at it.

Because of the durability, it’s also a low-maintenance option. You don’t have to seal or polish the surface because it’s already non-porous. If you drop fruit juice or other colorful liquids, it can resist staining. To clean it, just wipe it down with water or another gentle cleaner. It’s healthier for you, because you can avoid using harsh chemical cleaners in your home.

Lastly, Q is both safe and eco-friendly. It uses natural materials and is LEED and GREENGUARD certified, among other certifications. Bacteria can’t penetrate the material and everything used is non-toxic. There’s no chance of hazardous foreign materials contaminating the countertops.

Top Selling Q-Quartz Countertop colors

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