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About LG Viatera

LG Viatera quartz countertops from LX Hausys provide durability and lasting beauty. Made of 93% natural quartz, LG Viatera quartz is resistant to stains, heat, and damage from daily use. LG Viatera quartz adds beauty, texture, and function to your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or anywhere in your home.

Features of LG Viatera Quartz Countertops

Our LG Viatera countertops use high-quality quartz for a smooth, effortless look. LG Viatera quartz countertops are:

  • Non-porous: Stains and water can penetrate porous countertops. LG Viatera quartz countertops are non-porous, meaning they do not require sealants or wax. The sealer is in the stone. While other countertops require sealing one to two times a year, quartz countertops do not need sealing.
  • Durable: Quartz is a strong material. The atoms that make up quartz are tightly bonded together, making quartz a highly durable and hard material. Quartz countertops are a great option if your kitchen is a high-traffic area.  
  • Hygienic: LG Viatera quartz countertops can resist mold and mildew. The sealant in the quartz ensures that bacteria do not seep into the countertop material.
  • Scratch and Stain Resistant: Another aspect of quartz’s durability is its scratch resistance. Because of its strong materials, LG Viatera quartz resists chips, cracks, and other damage to the countertop surfaces.
  • Versatile: Our quartz countertops use a variety of colors and patterns. Because LG Viatera quartz countertops use a high amount of natural quartz, the appearance of your countertops reflects the look and smoothness of natural stone.
  • Timeless: Quartz countertops provide a classic look to your space. While design trends can change, quartz countertops provide a timeless appearance. LG Viatera Quartz uses natural colors like white, black, grey, and tan that match natural stone.

How to Care for LG Viatera Quartz Countertops

LG Viatera countertops are low-maintenance. Still, regularly cleaning your quartz countertops will help them last many years. Follow these tips to clean your LG Viatera countertops: 

  • Clean up spills and use a soft towel to clean water from the countertop’s surface. Water left on quartz countertops for long periods can create spots of discoloration.
  • Do not place hot objects on the countertop. Although quartz can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, we recommend not placing hot pans or pots directly on your quartz countertop. Heat can severely damage quartz.
  • Use gentle cleaners. Abrasive cleaners use small particles that can scratch your countertops. Regular household cleaners and wipes are enough to remove spills and crumbs.
  • Gently remove buildup on your quartz counters. If leftover food hardens on the countertops, you can remove it with a plastic putty knife. In addition, do not try to use bleach or other harsh cleaners on your quartz countertops.
LG Viatera quartz countertops offer a variety of pleasing natural colors. While LG Viatera allows you to customize your space, it also provides durability and strength. Our quartz countertops are non-porous, easy to maintain, and hygienic. They create a classic and natural look.

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