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Cabinet, Sink, and Countertop FAQs

At Creative InCounters, we work with you to find the best countertops and sinks for your bathroom, kitchen, or bar. We welcome you to read answers to FAQs about sink and countertop installation from our Mt. Airy, MD contractors. If you have questions not on this page, please call our offices. You may also ask us questions throughout the process.

Yes. We will install your new cabinets before your countertop template. We must install all fillers and end panels before the countertops.

We provide an 18 gauge stainless steel sink. Higher gauges are thinner and less durable.

Yes. For an additional cost we will remove and dispose of existing tops. Then, we can install your new countertops.

Most templates are done in an hour or less.

Depending on the size of the job, it can take one to three hours to install new countertops. Multiple factors, including tearing out old countertops and ensuring precise cutting and placement will factor into installation time.

No, we do not use subcontractors. All work performed by Creative In Counters is performed by our own employees.

Yes. We want to get the most accurate measurements possible for the template. Please clear off your countertops before we begin the template.

Yes, we can measure for your new countertops if you are not changing out the cabinets.

Yes. We will install your farmhouse sink before we install your new countertops. Installing the sink before the countertops will ensure we use the correct installation method. We can install farmhouse sinks on the same level as the countertop, above the countertop, or below the countertop.

We can install a farm sink using flush mount, undermount, or built-up installation. A flush mount installation ensures the sink is even with the top of the counter. An undermounted sink sits under the counter. A built-up installation shows the sinks sides and is slightly above the countertop.

Yes, you should seal your granite tops once or twice each year. Granite is porous, meaning liquids can penetrate the natural stone. Lighter colored granite will require more frequent resealing. Regularly sealing granite countertops will maintain the appearance longevity of your countertops.

No, quartz countertops have a sealer is in the stone. Liquids cannot penetrate the quartz because it is non-porous. You do not need to reseal your quartz countertops.

We will install wall cabinets before the base cabinets. Installing base cabinets first can make it more difficult to install the wall cabinets, as the base cabinets can be in the way.

Yes. We recommend emptying your kitchen and bathroom cabinets before we install your countertops. Doing so will protect any objects in the cabinets from dust.

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