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MONARCH COLLECTION Alleanza Quartz countertops provide both beauty and durability for your kitchen. It’s a composite material with a quartz base that comes in various colors and patterns. This makes it easy to customize and ensures that you’re getting the perfect match for the style of your kitchen. Alleanza Quartz is a bold style choice that brings your kitchen together and promises durability.

This line earned its name because the patterns on the countertops resemble those of the Monarch butterfly. The veins are like the delicate patterns on their wings. The designs are meant to feel timeless, so they stay looking beautiful throughout time. Designs are chic and eco-friendly, so you can feel good about this being the choice for your new countertops.

Alleanza Quartz starts with quartz mined in Brazil. It’s 93% of the makeup, with the other 7% blend of resin and pigments to finish the material. Natural quartz is one of the strongest materials available, known for its durability. But you don’t have the more excessive costs of pure natural stone with the composite.

Alleanza Quartz is one of the most durable materials you can get for your countertop. It doesn’t even require sealing, though you can get it sealed for an extra layer of protection. Alleanza Quartz is resistant to heat, scratches, and stains, making it a great choice for families with young children who tend to make a mess. The materials used are hygenic and resist bacteria and mildew growth, too.

It’s easy to maintain, too, perfect for a busy lifestyle. You want to ensure you clean the countertops regularly so that they last. After a long day, you only need a soft cloth and soapy water to wipe down the countertops. You can also use a magic eraser to scrub down the countertops when there’s a particularly stubborn stain.

Even though they’re resistant to all sorts of wear, sealing the countertops can extend their life even further. A sealant protects it from wear and tear and prevents droplets from soaking into the material. You can apply sealant every six to twelve months to ensure maximum effectiveness.

With their durability, you can rely on Alleanza Quartz countertops for years to come. We can ensure they match the style and the color scheme that you’re shooting for with your design. Since they’re durable, you don’t have to worry about the colors fading over time. They’re a stylish choice for a feature piece in your kitchen.

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